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Other tax companies are very confusing with their pricing, and charge you per tax form as they file your taxes. With us, we are fully transparent with our flat-rate pricing and you will not find a better deal elsewhere!

Other Fees

Administrative Fee

The Administrative fee is collected with all electronically filed tax returns to the IRS and state (if applicable).


Included in All Packages

Refund Transfer Fee

Our banking partner collects a fee in order to process your tax refund and pay for services via your tax refund.


Included in Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages

Tax Return Amendment

-Including Mailing

Correct errors & inaccuracies filed on your tax return. You are entitled to a maximum refund!

$425 per year – Individual Return

$800 per year – Business Return

Tax Review


Review prior-years tax returns for any errors, inaccuracies, and then receive wise feedback.


Optional Review Add-On

Tax Strategy


Consultation includes any form of advise, financial guidance, or research for the scheduled hour.


Optional Private Consultation

Tax Strategy

Businesses / Entrepreneurs

Consultation includes any form of advise, expert guidance, or research for the scheduled hour.


Optional Private Consultation


Our Winning Formula


Schedule an appointment today so we can work through your financial circumstances and create the best strategy to reduce your tax liability. After filling out the registration form, we’ll discuss your finances and engage you with questions that will best help us understand how we can serve you.


Just like a law attorney would study your case to represent you in court, we too study your finances so that we can navigate you through the IRS tax laws and yearly changes. We ensure that no matter your financial situation, you get your lawfully-entitled maximum tax refund from the IRS.


With your finances, documentation and our research, we can explain to you the strategies available to you, that will enable us to get you the best results. We are committed to reviewing everything and providing you the literacy to best understand your finances so you can make the best decisions for yourself!

What we Do

Our Services

Tax Preparation

Our talented team of tax professionals will deliver your maximum tax refund.


Financial Planning

Our exceptional team is committed to bringing your finances back in order.


Life Insurance

Be prepared for life’s unexpected emergencies and leaving a plan for the family.




Get up to 6 months advance notice of IRS reviews, audit, and income discrepancies. 


Let our team help you get your business structure setup. Fees Vary based on Business structure and State starting at $400.



Our Skills

Creating social change by building generational wealth.

Getting the maximum tax refund.

Our individualized approach to your finances allows us to research your situation and circumstance to find the best strategy to navigate through the IRS tax laws and getting the maximum tax refund that you are legally entitled to.

Planning your finances.

With the massive value in financial literacy that comes with our services, we shift your financial habits and serve you by navigating through your financial struggles and ultimately creating an extra source of income towards positive cash flow.

Small business growth and development.

Our experts are committed to guiding your business to success through our services, advisement and a great deal of value for you to utilize and grow. We go above and beyond for you to succeed and create generational wealth.


We’re the best around.


We are consistently reviewing the changing tax laws so that we’re always equipped to take care for your finances.



Years of navigating through various circumstances and utilizing the best deductions will benefit your finances. Our network of over 450 tax professionals across the country enables us to assist with every situation.



Our virtual process and video-conference meetings allow us to easily work together through your financial circumstances.



Our experience, knowledge, and prices will always be available to answer any of your questions and build your financial understanding.



We don’t disappear after tax season. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, so we can help you reach your financial goals.



Protected with a Secure 256-bit SSL Encryption, we keep all sensitive data and client information safe and sound.


Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Tax Preparation Services?

You will find access to our registration form on the “Client Portal” tab on the top of the website. This form includes all the necessary information we need from you as well as a section for you to upload ANY and ALL documents to get your taxes done. All information on that form is secure and protected.

Do you accept walk-in appointments?

No walk-ins are accepted because we offer a fully virtual customer service. All appointments must be booked in advanced because we value our time together, and would need time to present you with tax-saving strategies. Please click on the contact tab to schedule a meeting.

What if I did not receive all of my documents?

The companies that generate these statements (your employers, banks, etc.) should still have your W-2s, 1099s, etc., on-file and should be able to get them to you within a reasonable time frame.

What if I do not have my income statements?

If you know that you may not receive your documents by your appointment date, please reschedule or wait until you have received your documents to book an appointment. We value our time together so we should make the best use of that time during the appointment.

How do I send my documents to you?

We use a secure and encrypted management system called Taxdome. You can create an account or we will send you the invitation, once we are a good match. All documents can be uploaded into your account via computer files or pictures from your phone.

How can I be sure that I will receive a refund?


Taxpayers are required to file a tax return whether they are receiving a refund or not. We will assist you in maximizing your refund based upon the filing status eligibility and limitations implemented by the government.

If you do end up having to pay taxes instead of getting a refund, we update your withholding allowances so that next year you can expect a refund!

Can I pay my tax preparation fees out of my return?

Yes! You can pay your fees out of your tax refund; however, if you want to pay upfront, you can choose to do so. Our pricing fees include the bank fee of $39.95 that enable the bank to process your tax refund and pay your tax prep fees out of the refund.
If you choose to pay for your tax prep fees, your tax preparation fees will be $39.95 less than on the pricing table on our website.

If your tax refund is flagged for offset, you will be required to pay for services upfront.

When can I expect to hear an update?

Once we have all the documents needed, communication will be made within 72 business hours. If additional documentation is required, you will receive communication within 2 business days. We will be conducting a thorough check of all the information provided, so we that we can ensure you are getting the maximum refund you are entitled to.

The average refund is received within 21 days but can vary due to credits and government regulations. Once your return has been submitted and accepted by the IRS, please download the IRS2GO app or visit this link to get any status updates.

How will I receive my refund?

The bank account and routing number provided on our registration form will be used to issue your refund from the IRS and state.

Do you prepare business tax returns?

Yes, we are able to prepare any schedule C, partnerships, multi-member LLCs and S-Corporation business returns.


I am a small sole proprietor that has paid her fare share in tax liability. Delisa was patient and thorough and brought so much more to the table than tax preparation services. Not only was she able to ensure I was maximizing my deductions, but she shared tips with me that will set me up for success for years to come. She is worth every penny and I’m so excited to have found her. Two tax years down, many more to go!

Michaela Cooke

Review from Google.

Delisa was very professional and knowledgeable about all things tax related and even was able to help me with financial planning as well. From now on all things finance related she will definitely be my go to person. I’ve even recommended friends and family as well because she not only helped me but also educated me all while delivering stellar service. If only we had more like her the world would be a better place.

Joseph Wilson

Review from Google.

Delisa did an excellent job communicating, offering detailed instructions on how to use the virtual portal. She was very responsive to any questions, even answering emails after business hours. I was provided a step by step analysis of my taxes virtually and My taxes were prepared at a reasonable prices. I would highly recommend her service and I fully intent on working with Delisa on other financial business.

Yarnell Johnson

Review from Google.

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